Saturday, November 24, 2007

Critical MASH

Here is what everyone has been waiting for. the MASH dvd is now instock and going fast. its about an hour long with a grip of bonus footage which in my opion is almost better than the movie or should i say should have made the final cut cus the movie is so sick. We will also be showing it at firestone next thursday night to kick the Orlando Bicycle Weekend. can some one show me how to do those fancy hyperlink jobbys id like to include them in this post. actually in every post. aight enough chatter get on yo bikes and come get it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ménage à trois is the season

Think about where you money goes when you spend it. When you spend it in local independent retailers it tends to stay in the circulate in the community. When you buy mass produced crap from Big box and chain retailers your money goes else where. Support those who live along side of you.

This Saturday Etoile Botique, Covert skate shop, Beta Retail Gallery, Alchemy hair salon, sales reps from KREW, SUPRA, VANS along with friends will converge in the back parking lot of COVERT to peddle there wares in a giant garage sale atmoshere we like to call the SEXY SALE

Come have fun and save some cash.... get an early jump on the christmas shopping.... Have a beer!!!! Whateves.....
11 to 7

Pass this along to all your friends.........

Friday, November 09, 2007

JB Classics X SSur X DC Shoes X BETA

ha just kidding we are just selling them. we are not tat cool yet. one day one can only hope.

i sport NEW BALANCE sneakers...

to avoid a narrow path.