Thursday, October 18, 2007

Small Talk Art Show Random Recap Photo Essay.

Thanks to all the artist, dj's and sponsors who helped make this happen. Thanks to everyone who came through. If you missed the opening, all works will be on display for another 30 days or so. Come by and say "what".

More photos at

9, 10, 11, Tweleve Bar!

Get Some Heat For Fall. It's On The Floor. More Prints Than Pictured. Were Lazy And It's Getting Late And I'm Hungry, Nawmean.

Look'n At My Watch, It's About That Time....

NOOKA Is The Freshest Thing To Hit Your Wrist Since Thoses Swatchs Back In '88!

The brainchild of artist and designer, Matthew Waldman. He conceived the idea after staring at a large wall clock in a London hotel and wondering why there are so few options for time display. He then sketched his ideas for potential designs on a napkin and brought them back to New York. After working on the designs, he submitted them to his legal team, and indeed, they were unique enough to patent!

The linear and graphic representation of time with Nooka watches presents a more intuitive way to view time. The visual mass increases as time passes, givig weight to an ephemeral and abstact concept. Once you're used to the new visual paradigm, you may never go back to standard analog and digital time displays for your wrist.

Psst...SuperTeam 33 Is In The Store. It's New Balance, Son. Act Like You Know.

Come get the heat before your boy blows up your spot.

Friday, October 12, 2007

He Helped Shape Who We Are.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

10.11.07 = SMALL TALK

This should have been posted a while ago. Tisk, tisk gentleman.

For more info holler @ 407-228-1995

Cherelle feat. Alexander O'neil - Saturday Love

I guess since we're on the video posting ish, I'll have at it. The earliest memories of this tune dates back to my jitterbug days when my parents used to bump this on vinyl, non-stop. After years of digging, I was able to find this on 12" at a local record shop. For those that know me, know that I rinse this jam in almost every set. So for all you kiddies out there, take note. Certified panty wetter, and for those that think this is a bit cheesy, theres a DJ Ayers(Of the Rub fame) remix thats floatin' around on vinyl/MP3.

But Saturday remains the same....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dave Dennis

Hailing from New York, we are proud to present the Dave Dennis collection. A little different fit compared to your normal 'streetwear' brands. However, the collection is solid.

Stussy tribe

Staggered Stussy bits have made its way to 2432 E. Robinson Street. Inquire within.

Black Label

Black Label by MEGA(HUF) made its way from the hyphy coast. Lots of buzz on these bits. Get super steezy.

Mishka Fall 07

Alas, for all you fiends, we present the highly anticipated collection from the Mishka camp. Very solid pieces might I add. Come see for yourself.


Rogue Status x Diamond Supply Co. Collabo Ver 2.0 has landed. Ya'll should already know the deal, hurry up and get a scoop before its goooone!