Monday, May 12, 2008

For Mostbangin'est

I have no idea who this guy Mostbangin'est is but he likes to post links to his mixtapes and blog on our blog (Peep the comments of some of the older posts). So, I figured why not give him some shine for his hustle. The video has nothing to do with Mostbagin'est. Well, other than Cunt Smasher got hustle too. Shit, man got the ladies of the eighties droppin' panties like he was Tom Jones in The Villages. Maybe Mostbagin'est does too. Check his blog to find out.


Anonymous said...

thats retarded. shreinkback nemesis classic 80s goth rock or rather progressive. Geraldo is whack! Al Capone's vault? gimme a break...I was so pissed I watched that dumb shit when I was a kid....Didnt the skinheads throw a chair and break his nose once? Skinheads suck worse then Geraldo!

Anonymous said...

any shipment of the
Crooks and Castles 'SnakeFace' shirt?

shirt with an asian chick
with snakes around her face.

Anonymous said...


N*E*R*D - Everbody Nose

Gnarls Barkley - RUN

AdamTensta - Before U Know It

Soulja Boy Tell'Em - Pass it To Arab

Sebastian - H.A.L.

The KnuX - Capuccino

Rick Ross feat. T-Pain - The Boss

The Cool Kids - Action Figures

Erykah Badu - Soldier

The Roots - 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)

Tapp - Shake That Ass


DJ Mehdi - Pony Rocking feat. Feadz
mostbangin'est - WWW.MOSTBANGINEST.COM
i practice many styles...