Saturday, October 11, 2008


If you missed Mot's B-day bash last night, I just want to tell you it was FUCKING AWSOME. Not to blow up our own spot but Lt. Smash, Mot and Andrew were all pure fire son! And how appropriate that these shoes arrived at Beta on the very same day. Very limited run. Something like around 700 world wide. Get 'em while you can. We only got a size run. I was gonna give everyone a little background on Fucking Awesome but then I figured with such limited stock on hand, I'll leave it for those who really know what's what.

On a side note. I was going through my closet this morning and ran across a dead stock pair of Free Rods, size 10. I'll let 'em go cheap if anyone is interested. We don't carry SB's in Beta. You'll have to go to Covert for those. These are from my personal collection. Beta is not responsible for the transaction, if there is even a transaction. Word.

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