Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kill To Win Party Starter Kit.

So where to start on this one. The beginning is as good of a place as any I guess. So here it is. I was on myspace a while back putting a comment on my friend Jordans (Table Tennis, NYC) page when I saw a flyer from these guys. It got my attention so I checked out their page. The shit they are doing is good. Nice party blends in much the same grain as Hollertronix and The Rub. Long story short. One thing lead to another and now they are on the bill with Secret Weapon, Kittybat and myself for the "French Kiss" party coming up at Sky 60 on Feb. 23rd (More on that in later a post). They just announced a dance party on the first Monday of every month at Tatame in Winter Park starting on Feb. 4th. In the mean time they were kind enough to drop this little mix tape for you. Download it. Listen to it. Wish you made it. Go see them do it live.

Just Add Speakers:
K2W's Party Starter Kit

Check their myspace page here. Make friends with them. You can thank me later.

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