Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monday Is Funday.


Beta said...

Can we say o-v-e-r-r-a-t-e-d? Tighten up your game fellas, its nothin new.

Anonymous said...

Who knew you could be pretty much be an "unknown" and yet overrated. So, Beta where are your remixes and mixtapes? How come your gigs aren't being posted on your own blog? Talk about tightening up your game.

You have a blog from what I thought was a dope store but yet you choose to hate on some guys who are what your store tries to represent. You know, the DIY crew, the independent thinker, the ahead of the curve guys. This is what you pass yourself off as being. All your comment has done made you look like an ass. You can "not" like what they are doing an not come off as a dick about it. Not to mention that you alienated potential customers. Not only the "Kill to Win" guys but any friends they have that may have read this. Way to make those sells "cool guy".

Beta said...

^^^ Hey guy, I mean Mr. Anonymous. Why don't you come clean and say who you are instead of hiding behind a computer screen?

This is a FIRSTHAND observation from what I saw. Perhaps I shouldn't have posted it on our blog, however this is MY opinion and am totally entitled to it.

Anonymous said....

"You have a blog from what I thought was a dope store but yet you choose to hate on some guys who are what your store tries to represent."

Beta aka Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me' says

Thought was a dope store? Please, if you know really know whats up then you'd step back and re-think that comment.

'Hate'? Hardly, if you know me personally then you know that I don't have a mean bone in my body. You must be super tight with these doods, cause obviously your catching feelings from a PERSONAL opinion. (Which may not necessarily reflect the rest of the crews thoughts) Why is it when someone disagrees or doesn't follow 'hype' has to be labeled as a 'hater'?

Mr. Anonymous said....

"Some guys who are what your store tries to represent. You know, the DIY crew, the independent thinker, the ahead of the curve guys."

Beta aka Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me' says...

Beta/Covert = We do it all ourselves crew, have been ever since the getgo. Independent thinker & ahead of the curve, CHECK!

KTW = Nothing new, blog dj's, probably started dj'in in the middle of last year. Couldn't blend two records, oh I'm sorry (128 kpbs) MP3's to save their life.

Mr. Anonymous said....

"So, Beta where are your remixes and mixtapes?"

Beta aka Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me' says....

Please, again if you really know whats up then you'd know that we are 'WORKING' dj's who have weekly residencies/radio shows who don't dj for bar tabs, own labels, don't suck and play OUT of little Orlando. If you follow our blog then you know that we post most of our forthcomming events via our blog/myspace/flyers.

Mr. Anonymous said....

"All your comment has done made you look like an ass. You can "not" like what they are doing an not come off as a dick about it."

Beta aka Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me' says....

Look like an ass? I'm sorry I have my OWN opinion and don't follow what the rest of society practices. Perhaps one can say I came off like a dick, I say that I don't sugar coat my thoughts/opinions/words and will never do so. The truth hurts, homie.

Mr. Anonymous said....

"Not to mention that you alienated potential customers. Not only the "Kill to Win" guys but any friends they have that may have read this. Way to make those sells "cool guy"."

Beta aka Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me' says....

Not so much my anonymous penpal. What you fail to realize is that in a couple years we won't be 'COOL' anymore, and all the real heads will prevail. While the rest of the sheep are no where to be found.

I'm sorry you caught feelings over my post. I truly didn't mean to come off as a 'hater' or 'dick' or whatever you want to label me as. But please do some homework before you defend something you don't know anything about and I'm also not really gonna use this blog to go back and forth over a trivial issue, so please don't bother trying to come with a rebuttle that in the end, probably won't sitck. However, if you still have some issues or hurt feelings, feel free to discuss it with me via private message, email or in person(Come introduce yourself, I'll even buy you a round). Apparently, personal opinions get passed off as hate. Its a shame :(

-Francis aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me'
Beta Retail/Gallery - Prestige Music(myspace/prestigemusicgroup) - Future Flavaz

Anonymous said...

I don't why you "caught feelings". I was just stating an opinion. Which by the way you so nicely pointed out "I'm entitled to".

Here, I'll make everything better for you. You win.

You're right. I should have told everyone who I am from the moment I started typing. Maybe you should have too.

You're right. "Can we say o-v-e-r-r-a-t-e-d? Tighten up your game fellas, its nothin new." That statement is not hating. In fact it's loving.

Your right. K2W only plays for bar tabs and only in Orlando and only use 128kbs MP3's. The list of show on their myspace must be a mistake. I get them to clear that up asap. (Personally I only use 62kbs but we all know that's how working/label owners/radio show hosting/playing outside Orlando dj's get down.)

You're right. Working dj's don't have time to make remixes and mixtapes. Someone better tell The Rub, A-Trak, Diplo, Questlove, Jazzy Jeff, Mark Ronson, Nick Catchdubs, Klever, Mix Master Mike, and any other "working dj" you can think of to stop making mixtapes and remixes. Apparently they're doing it all wrong. I'm glad you cleared that up for me.

You're right. I should rethink my statement. Ok, I thought it over. I'm gonna keep the dope store thing in the past tense.

You're right. You came off like a dick. I never said that but I'll go with it since you put it on the table. What I said was "You can "not" like what they are doing an not come off as a dick about it." The "you" in that statement was in the figurative sense, not the literal. But whatever, you're right.

You're right. "Beta/Covert = We do it all ourselves crew, have been ever since the getgo. Independent thinker & ahead of the curve, CHECK!"
Um, that was partly the point. The other part which you missed was the people who come into your store are the same ones who would go see K2W. So by stating your "opinion" about K2W you run the risk of loosing customers. Particularly since the original post only said "beta said..." thus implying that Beta as a whole shares your opinion. But you're right none the less.

You're right. My "rebuttle" (or as I like to say rebuttal) won't stick because as you have clearly shown me, you my friend are right.

You're right about everything. My bad.

Beta said...


Cool dood, I'm glad you agree with me. Lemme guess you're a dj or a producer aswell right? As much as I would love to go back and forth with you, I'll let this one rest. Obviously you don't know what you're talkin about, so its quite pointless.


I will clarify when I say 'working' djs, I meant working as in dj's who do it for a living(that pays their bills). So your little name drop rebuttle(excuse my prior spelling) isn't valid.

Oh I'm sorry my mistake, seeing that this blog is ours I pretty much did come clean with my identity, and further identified myself in my response. Yet you still use the 'anonymous' handle, hmmmm?

My mistake I again, maybe I should have said out of the state as opposed to out of little Orlando. Fisher Price : My first out of town gig, lol.

For reals tho, I'm done with this. I'd hate to lose your business, so maybe when you decide to be not so 'anonymous' we can further discuss this in a gentleman like fashion, and maybe I'll even throw in a shirt for good measure ;) Hell I can go on for days regarding this subject, but I wouldn't want to come off as a dick, right? And please lets not turn this into something more than two individuals stating their opinions, I wouldn't want anything to get blown out of proportion. Below is my personal contact information if you'd still like to get 'sonn'd' on this subject matter.

-Francis(Not Beta collectively) aka lt_smash aka 'ask about me'
Beta Retail-Gallery/Prestige Music/Future Flavaz

p.s. - looking forward to meeting you one day ;)



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear, Francis

It seem (for the third time) you have missed the point. I grow tired of dealing with the ignorance that is you. It was, I admit, amusing at first. The way your panties got in bunch because you don't understand a basic principle of retail commerce.

Primarily the point of publicly bashing your target market. In ever post you continue to do this. I can't believe no one from the Beta camp has asked you what the hell are you thinking. I've tried to explain it to you but just don't get it.

The next point is a little more general. It's about your definition of a "working dj". Your idea, now please correct me if this is not what you meant. I'm confident in my understanding based on your clarification in your third post. So, by your definition, a "working dj" is one who pays their bill exclusively with money made from djing and does it for a living. This is the basis of your stance for K2W NOT being real djs. And in turn, by YOUR definition you can not be a real dj either. You know, seeing how you work in a glorified shoe store. Thus having a day job and in turn not djing for a living. Now that one is cleared up we can move on.

You tried to claim that K2W only play in Orlando. When I pointed you were wrong on that point you adjusted your argument to outside of Florida. Um, way to back pedal. It seems to me that you are the one who doesn't know what he's talking about and you need to do your homework before making statements. You have been, what was the phrase you used? Oh yes, ''sonn'd' on this subject matter".

Let me clear something up for everyone in blog land and Francis. I am NOT a member of K2W. I have never met K2W. I did enjoy the mix-tape that I downloaded from this blog. This what really caught me off guard about the original post by Beta aka Francis. I never heard of these guys before this blog told me about them. So for you (Francis) to say they are "o-v-e-r-r-a-t-e-d" is kinda of a shocker. Considering your blog is the figurative "HYPE MACHINE" that would have done the over rating.

It has been nice getting to know you the last few days. I have to some point enjoyed it. I'm sure a really good person, an amazing dj (working of course) and an excellent merchant of cool. But alas, I can't make my points anymore clear. So I don't see any point in continuing this dialog.

Have a nice life. Maybe I'll see you at the Dilla tribute tonight.

Your electronic pen pal,
Mr. Anonymous

miss fishe said...

I am just SO GLAD Kill To Win is going to kill it at my party!!!!
I just can't wait to hear the boys again...and all the other amazing DJs too.
Elisa aka Miss Fishe


First off I wanna know who deleted the post from above?
Then I would like for someone to explain to me why no one has actually touched on why francis thought they needed to “tighten up”. This convo went straight to blows with out ever discussing the issue. The issue being (I believe) the level of djing skills. Personally I feel that there is a world of difference between being able to make a good mixtape or a good remix and being able to rock a “live” set. And by live I mean mixing on the fly, playing to and interacting with the crowd and so on. I could be wrong but I think that’s where francis was going with his comment. I didn’t see Kill2Win at Tatame but I did hear from a few people that although the music was dope the over all set was kinda “weak.” One thing you have to understand is that djs in this town are a dime a dozen. And every one of them, whether they are good bad or otherwise, has an opinion on how shit should be done. Myself included. And in this digital age some heads(again myself included) tend to be very critical of others. Call it hate if you need to but if dudes cant take criticism they are certainly in the wrong biz.

Then we have the issue of “alienating” potential customers. If they wanna boycott our store cus someone who is affiliated with us doesn’t like a group of djs then fuck there small minded asses. I don’t want them in our store anyway.

I was also wondering why you chose to put the words HYPE MACHINE in quotes?


oh and no one said Kill2Win werent real djs. i think frank was just saying they need a little work. you seem to be making alot of assumtions. so ill make some.ill assume Kill2Win are great djs. i mean shit my girl Big E loves them and i trust her judgement. ill just assume they had an off night. it happens. no problem and i look forward to seeing them at her birthday party.

oh and whats so glorified about my shoe store?

and for the record no one involved at Beta makes a living there.We all have other hustles. we(Beta) do it because we feel we(orlando collectively)needs this. and will continue to do this until we feel otherwise.

Johnny Five Mikes said...

Yo, Patrick
I deleted my own post. I had a thing or two to say but decided it this blog really isn't the place. I realized that adding anything would only aggravate the situation. I was going with the ignore it and it go away on its own approach.

I guess I should take some position since I am the "Hype Machine" that posted the mix-tape and party flyer. I agree with you on a live set vs. a mix-tape, especially in the digital age we live. When Abelton can mix it for you. That's partly why I didn't comment on this. I have yet to see them live. I don't know their skill level. I do know people will over look a bad mix from time to time if the song selection is on point.

As for the customer part, I kinda agree with Anonymous. If Francis used another name from jump then no problem. But using Beta it did sound as though we all felt this way. He has indeed corrected the issue. So, after the second post shit was deaded.

I say just wait for the French Kiss party and everything will be settled once and for all. Maybe not the "alienation of potential customers" part but whether or not the kids have the skill to live up to the hype. They got all kinds of pressure on them now. Don't blow it kids!

Johnny Five Mikes aka Iron Mike aka Over rated in '08 aka Mike.

Miss Fishe aka Elisa said...

They will be amazing...and in a way, I am glad that they are creating so much "hype"...i guess they are kind of like celebrities already!!!
I have faith in them, and I am VERY PROUD to promote new talents for my birthday...hey, we all have to start somewhere. They are doing great already and I hope all of this is not going to take away their refreshing/non jaded attitude.
Go Kill2Win. I love you boys.
I love you Patrick. I love you Mike. I love you Francis. And I love you Anonymous!!!!

waldofaldo said...

Ladies and Gents,

It makes me so happy and excited to see that people are actually interested in K2W enough to have an opinion on us. I've written for a few newspapers in the past, and the best thing I learned from that experience is that any feedback is good feedback.

To Beta, I'd like to say thank you for your support. I don't see calling us "overrated" as negative comment, and I'm sure it wasn't meant to be negative. You guys were correct in your assumption that we haven't been on this grind very long. January marked the end of our first year in the game. That being said, I think the hype and controversy we've mustered up in these past thirteen comments is reason to believe that, for just a year, we're doing pretty damn good. Hoylesdead said that DJs in Orlando are a dime a dozen, and Hoylesdead is absolutely right. But of all those dimes, the K2W coin sure seems to be shining bright, and that is something worthy of mention.

In other words, I see the word "overrated" and I think of the words "too well recieved." When I think of the word "overrated" the image that pops up in my head is that of an over-flowing cup. Yes, spills are a bad thing, but at least your drink is full.

To Mr. Anonymous, I'd like to thank you for your support as well. When you come to see us we want to meet you (assuming we don't already know you). From what I've read this seemed to be a heated argument, and you really held it down for us. That is what a true fan would do, and it shows us just how interest you are in K2W and our skills/talents.

Of course I have to say thanks to J5M for posting our mix AND our flyer. It shows that you think we're deserving of an audience, and If that is how you feel than I strongly agree with you.

We met Elisa on Monday and we love her, so I've got to say, thanks for supporting us by letting us spin your party.

Beta, J5M, Hoylesdead, Anonymous, Elisa and anyone else who might stumble upon this comment, please come out and see us. While you're there, step up to the booth and introduce yourselves. We want to meet you guys. Charlemang and I pride ourselves on being polite and positive artists and we're willing to listen to some constructive criticism. We're not mad at anyone, we don't take anything in these comments personally. So don't be afraid to introduce yourselves. I want to do whatever it takes to make sure K2W is a duo worth hearing in every ear.

W. Faldo

covert skate shop said...

Wow I had no idea this issue was getting so heated.
Kind of funny guys. I am glad its over. Elisa's Party was dope. K2W were good. MOT was better! HAHAHA!!!!! Everybody needs a history lesson!!!
(I wish I could create hype like this for my parties)

Mot wasn't better said...

You mean drunk Mot who wouldn't stop talking shit on the mic when the long haired guy from Park Ave. was playing?

covert skate shop said...

oh shit this is way late but ..,Secret weapon was good. Definitely the best I have ever heard him mix. But Calvin Always has a good selection. Yes i was drunk and probably talked a bit much but if I didn't some one else was going to bust a shitty freestyle.
You would not feel this way if you took the stick out of your ass....Or didnt show up late and miss all the fun.... How about that happy Birthday sing a long!!!! Maybe I have a career as a wedding and birthday dj. seriously I doubt anyone will ever come back and read this but we need a dis day... Maybe SUNDAY can be dis day!
Then everybody can talk shit about everybody's weekend parties...Of course insults can hurt peoples feelings so be careful. oh yeah one more thing EAT A DICK!!!!! Just kidding... Actually you should come shop at COVERT and BETA cause we got shit in lock always have. Since before you had your first wet dream with dudes in it...ohh nasty... Being older then all the djs in town gives me freedom to talk shit. Of course anything you say to counter that would be bullshit cause I always come correct. Its a proven fact just ask your girlfriend!!!! Wait I cant type that. My girlfriend wont appreciate that. Seriously I am a pretentious bastard and I now how to rock a party. Sooooo eat that dick!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Francis and The Beta Family at large,

Please forgive the interruption. It seems some things have come to light and I feel I need to talk about them. I know I said I wouldn't talk anymore shit about this post. Francis said the same. He has kept his word and this makes him a true gentleman. I would love to do the same but I just can't let this one go. You see a couple of weeks back I happened to attend the Kill To Win party at Back Booth. What's it called, oh yes I know "Hands Up". Now this was my first time seeing them live, you know. I didn't make to the birthday party or any of the other gigs the guys have been doing. I know, I know. You want to know how I could defend something if I don't know anything about it right? Well it's actually pretty damn easy. All you need is a few here say facts, a quick wit and the ability to turn even the most innocent of statements into acts of verbal violence. And you have a winner! Easy like Sunday morning. It's really all posturing and positioning. But I digress. So I saw them live. And I'll be damned if this blog post and and all the shit that was said didn't come to mind. Well with the exception of the "Mot" telling "Mot Wasn't Better" to eat a dick. Anyway before I get off topic again. I must say, this really hurts me you know but here goes. Francis, you are right. They suck! I am truly sorry I ever questioned your opinion. Please forgive me. Had I paid to get into the "Hands Up" event, I would have felt like I was being told to put up my hands because I was being robbed! If I were a movie critic I would have to say two hands down! Way down. In fact I think they need to put their hands down into their pockets and give everyone who had to pay their money back. I can't believe they got a weekly! No wonder it's only two hours! Anymore than that and the bar their playing at would go out of business. I could go on but I'm sure you guys got the point. To sum it up, Francis is right and Kill To Win suck.

Your e-friend,
Mr. Anonymous.