Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All Saturdays Parties

Well the weekend is coming. You're all dressed up with nowhere to go. Get your ass down to Sky 60 (Downtown Orlando) Saturday night for a party like no other.

"French Kiss - A Masquerade"! It's Elisas birthday! She's the best thing from France since Ol' Lady Liberty.

Soundtrack provided by the most talked about duo on the net, Kill To Win. Live and in person(s)! Along with a founding member of "Funk University" and currently holding down part of the World Famous "Yesterday Today" radio show, Secret Weapon! Lets not forget another part of that radio show, Beta Retail Gallery part timer and blogger Johnny Five Mikes. "The Rocksteady Sound System" is represented by the one and only Kittybat. Last but not least Beta Retail Gallery family member, Troublemaker and all around dance floor killer MOT. All together! For one night! Can someone say "FIRE"! Come early and drink late! It's a party. Act like it. Mask A Must.

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