Friday, February 22, 2008

John Cardiel is the BEST!

(Probably more appropriate for the Covert golb, but I don't have access to that)

Easily one of top 3 favorite skaters on my list.  Not to mention he reps The City of Trees aka Sacramento aka Mackramento.  After getting hit by a bus, walking let alone skating was in jeopardy.  Peep the newest Spitfire ad of the mighty JC laying down a proper front 5.  So chuffed hes back on the stuntwood, can't wait to peep the new footy.  YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Get educated and check these episodes on Epicly Latered (compiled by Patrick O'Dell, wheres all my old skool sk8 nerds @?)  All in all there will be 16 episodes, 10 of them are up now. Don't sleep!

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covert skate shop said...

yeah that shit is dope. definitely worthy of a re post. Im super hyped to see him on a board again. Nice one!