Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kobe, Tell Me How His Ass Taste. I Bet It's Better Than His Rappin'.

I might catch some heat for this one but whatever. Shaqs on some Bo Jackson shit with his entire rap career (Refer to A Tribe Called Quest to understand that one). Much less his poor attempt at a rhyme scheme the other night. When did it become ok to use the same word twice, no wait seven times to end a line. And I'm not talking about the hook either. It only leads me to wonder "How the hell did he....
A. Get a record deal in the first place &
B. Put out enough records to get a greatest hits record."

Shaq, you should stick to fake coppin' instead of fake rappin'.

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Becky Doesn't Sleep said...

Damn... there are like a million rhymes for "me" - bee, tree, free... that's the easiest word on the planet!!!

I guess you can do anything if you have money. Remember the movie Kazaam?