Thursday, June 05, 2008

LULZ for days.

(Taken from the TurntableLab golb) QUOTED FOR MUTHAFUCKIN TRUTH! (Cept I personally knew a lil about records when I was a git.)


While most of these kids are well out of their teens, I think this title fits because they know about as much about records as I did when I was a teenager.

Here's how you can spot them...

1- Big emphasis on playing records that Daft Punk, Armand, etc sampled in their "disco sets" (at first I was genuinely impressed with their deep knowledge of these records, than I realized there are like 10 million blogs that list and post these records).

2 - Instead of saying they "really love" a dj or "the dj killed it" they say things like "that guy really know his shit." This implies that the Teenage DJ's blog base of music knowledge is somehow comparable to someone's who shaped the game like a Cosmo Vitelli.

3 - Talking to them about music makes your stomach cringe in the same way as Estelle's lyrics on American Boy.

4 - They never stop trying to get gigs or setting up photo op's (squeaky wheel theory).

5 - They've heard of everything except Moodymann & Second Cousins...

To be honest this isn't some hater shit, just an observation. I prefer this generation to the "Too Cool DJs" of my generation who just sit around and complain about how they have to "go to work" making $500 an hour.

One Love & Strictly Positive Vibes To The Mighty DJ Nation....

Big up Jemz.

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Anonymous said...


hercules & love affair - time will

hercules & love affair - hercules theme

pascal & mr day - living it up

lcd soundsystem - get innocuous

justice - phantom

metro area - dance reaction

goody goody - it looks like love

ny house'n authority - apt 1 b

metro area - miura

cherelle - saturday love

pascal & mr day - salvation live
mostbangin'est - WWW.MOSTBANGINEST.COM
aka dj rick bobby