Friday, July 25, 2008

So, You're Just Here For The Kicks*** Then...

Shit, if I had known it was that kind of party, I would have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes. Here For Kicks is that kind of party. It's Piss Drunks/Baker Boys/Quartersnacks on twenty inch rims! These kids get down! Then, they get up just to get down again! It's not for the fame. It's not for the money. Fuck, it's not even for the glory. It's for the Party!

And while we're on the topic.... here's some more fun straight from the sun baked streets of Orlando.

Apparently these guys get the web going with their own site at Wasted Youth. Just so you know their not playin' here's the remix of the remix.


***FYI, this has absolutely nothing to do with shoes in anyway, shape, or form. Well, with the exception of wearing them. And even that's optional.

1 comment:

Samuel Seprish said...

Wow that is some seriously sick bicycling!!!