Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Big Time Now!

Yeah, that's right. We big time! Not only has "The Milk District" got the lock on what's up but we got fools talkin' bout us on hater blogs! It's cool though. I mean press is press. You can't be mad about that. You should come by and get some kicks or a fresh tee. You know we got a customer apperceiation sale coming up. Life really isn't that bad, you know. Well maybe it is if the only way you feel comfortable voicing your true feelings is by hiding in the soft warm womb of internet anonymity. On the bright side, you have an outlet and you aren't just sitting at home writing a list. You know the list. The list of people you want to kill. The one written in lip-stick on your bathroom mirror. The one you write while the beautiful sounds of "Dead Or Alive" play over and over again in the background. The way the music floats all around you and slowly wraps you up in it's ever comforting beat. Caressing your hair as it gently says all those words you so desperately want to hear. Just the way your crush would if only he/she knew you existed. Right. Right?

Thanks to everyone involved in making things happen in our little city.


defameorlando said...

Good luck with the small biz district. Just please fix the misspelling in the following sentence...

"You know we got a customer apperception sale coming up"



Johnny Five Mikes said...

Thanks for the good look on that spelling mistake. Hope your blog keeps poppin'. It's a great spectators sport!

Hug and Kisses,