Friday, August 08, 2008

Reader BEWARE. Lack Of Content Ahead.

So someone asked for new post in the comments section of the previous post. Not one to disappoint, here you are. Sorry if it doesn't live up to your standards but the internet has been rather lame these past few weeks. Not to mention I've had some other things taking up time as of late. But thank God for Quartersnacks. They always seem to come through. And in turn giving you that new post you want.

Now we all know I am fan of Roktacon. From his release on Money Studies to his world class 'hater' status. He's on some Hammer type shit, if you get my meaning. His skills in the kill zone of 'Hate' have been proven time and time again on message boards around the globe (Namely the Scratch Live board, where his talents got him banned twice. And let's not forget TTL Blog where he was just recently re-instated. Some people who contribute to said blog were a little put out by his posts.). Anyway, Quatersnacks does this quote of the week thing and my man Roc got in on the bonus round.

“Nas is trying to reach an audience that doesn’t exist anymore because all the white kids like electro now.” - DJ Roctakon


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